This case involves a girl who was 15 years old at the time that she was involved in an accident.  We are going to call her “Maria” instead of using her real name in order to protect her identity.  

Maria at the time of the accident was 15 years old.  She is a very attractive and intelligent young Hispanic female.  She works very hard at her studies in high school and has a promising future.  

Things did not look that way about two years ago.  

About two years ago she was walking near her home enjoying a nice spring day.  She came to an intersection and while waiting for the light to turn green in her favor two cars traveling in opposite directions hit each other in such a way as to cause the cars to spin out and both cars came onto the sidewalk where Maria and her friends were waiting for the light.  The cars struck Maria throwing her to the ground.  

Maria was rushed to the hospital by the ambulance.  She had to go emergency surgery for a pelvic bone fracture and was admitted to the hospital for approximately 3 days. 

Shortly after the accident my law office, CANNON & ACOSTA, LLP., was retained by her parents.  Her parent’s choose my office as her attorneys because of the fact that I am fully bilingual.  I am Cuban having immigrated to this country when I was nine years old.  In addition all of my support staff is fully bilingual which made it more comfortable for Maria and her parents to properly communicate and be updated throughout her case.  

An action was started against all of the parties with their respective insurance companies who had liability to Maria.  There was substantial litigation including the examination before trial of many parties and witnesses.  During the part of the case which is known as the pre-trial discovery it was determined that there were various insurance companies that could be liable for Maria’s injuries.  The reason for this was that the vehicles involved in the accident were being operated by people other than the owners of the vehicle.  Substantial work was required but ultimately we were able to settle the case during trial for $400,000.00.  The whole process from start to finish took about 2 years.   

Maria plans to go to college and then into some type of professional career.  Thanks to the settlement her future will be secure.