This case involves a woman who was driving her motor vehicle in the right lane of a two-way street. We are going to call her “Pilar” in order to protect her identity.  

On the date that the accident happened, it was snowing and the roads were not ideal for driving. However, Pilar is a very hard working individual who, notwithstanding the road conditions, wanted to get to work.  Little did she know on that day that she would be involved in a very serious motor vehicle accident resulting in personal injuries.

The accident happened in the early morning. Pilar was heading northbound on the roadway and in the opposite direction, there was a snow truck plowing the roadway.  Apparently the snow truck veered too much into the lane that Pilar was driving and struck her vehicle causing Pilar’s vehicle to go off the road.

Pilar was taken to the hospital where she was admitted with a fracture to her vertebra.  She has to go undergo surgery at the hospital for that fracture. She was only admitted to the hospital for a few days and the surgery was successful. Having said that, she still complained of numbness in her arms and legs.

Shortly after the accident, Pilar retained our office in order to recover for her personal injuries. Our office commenced an action against all of the appropriate parties.  Substantial litigation was required including the testimony of all the parties involved and attendance at court hearings.  As a result of the work by our office, the case was ultimately settled for $575,000.00.

Thanks to all the hard work, Pilar has a very bright future ahead of her.  She has started her own business and purchased a home. Pilar's future is now secure.